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US Lawmakers Demand Obama Abandons Regime Change In Syria And Start Fighting ISIS

For his part, Obama has been making sure ISIS terrorists are alerted when US airstrikes are imminent. US general says ISIS is given a 45 minute advance notice of incoming airstrikes.

US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Slams Obama Administration’s Policy Of Arming And Supporting Al Qaeda Terrorists

The US government is actively arming, training, and funding Al Qaeda terrorists as well as other Sunni Muslim extremist militants. This policy is completely insane and finally we have a knowledgeable representative pointing this out.

US Government Outraged That Russia Has Begun Waging War Against ISIS And Al Qaeda

The Obama administration is in a rage as Russia launches airstrikes against ISIS and Obama’s Al Qaeda jihadists. With Russia’s entrance into the Syrian conflict the US government has gone full retard and seemingly admitted it is backing Al Qaeda in Syria. Reports emerged last week that so called “moderate Syrian rebels” joined Al Nusra front, AKA Al Qaeda, after entering Syria upon completion of their training with US advisors. Shortly after this came to light Secretary of State John Kerry warned Russia risked a military confrontation with The United States if it engaged ISIS and Al Qaeda militarily. Vladimir Putin having returned to Russia from the UN General Assembly began a bombing campaign against Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists rendering the US government absolutely apoplectic. Washington’s pretense of fighting Al Qaeda has been thrown out the window as a sullen Obama demands Russia cease bombing his jihad warriors.

But the governments’ conniption over Russia’s bombing of Al Qaeda begs a serious question. If our leaders actually believed Al Qaeda was the organization that carried out 9/11, would they be funding, training, and arming said Al Qaeda terrorists? Clearly the answer is no. So if our leaders don’t believe Al Qaeda is responsible for 9/11, who then is the culprit?