Cell Phone Laws Not For Our Lords

I saw a cop doing this about three weeks ago, talking on his phone laughing it up as he made a left turn in front of me. Now what would happen if a mere mundane were to be spotted using their cell phone while driving? They would be pulled over, harassed by a costumed parasite and issued a ticket for which they’d have to sign. Soon after they would receive an extortion fee in the mail. Now lets suppose said individual doesn’t particularly want to pay an extortion fee. Failure to pay the extortion fee would result in a warrant for their arrest which would lead to them being kidnapped by armed thugs serving the state. What if said individual doesn’t too much care for being kidnapped and instead chose to defend himself from the aggression of the armed tax feeders? Well that individual would be paid a visit by his local paramilitary SWAT team and be promptly executed or assaulted in a manner which rendered him incapable of defending himself. The parasite or parasites responsible for his murder or incapacitation would then probably receive rewards and accommodations. That is the state. The laws are for us, not them.