Corporatist Donald Trump Bad Mouths Ron Paul At CPAC 2011

Go fuck yourself Donald Trump you little corporate welfare statist. You think Ron Paul can’t get elected and you can? Did you see this financial crisis coming Trumpy? Oh that’s right, Trumpy and his pea brain were so sufficiently unable to predict the most obvious financial collapse in the history of the world that he sued his creditors claiming he didn’t have to live up to his end of the agreement and that they actually owed him money for being so stupid to as loan him all that money in the first place. What an honorable guy, when he can’t meet his end of a contractual agreement he sues his creditors. In the lawsuit he claimed that no one could have seen this financial crisis coming. Really Trumpy? I was 22 years old and I saw it coming. Trumpys just another idiot Keynesian who couldn’t predict the sun coming up.