Cowardly Western Militaries Creating Terminator Dystopia

From the safety of Washington D.C. Lord Obama, the illegal alien president from Kenya, orders soldiers sitting in Nevada bunkers to drop bombs on unsuspecting victims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and likely elsewhere. Obama the chicken-hawk coward who has never seen or experienced war, has no qualms about using robots to rain death on people who don’t want to be occupied by a foreign belligerent military set on a global fiat money centered empire. These unmanned Predator drones cannot be seen or heard by their victims on the ground. One minute your sitting in your mud hut with your wife and children. The next minute a hellfire missile has blown you limb from limb leaving your family and home nothing but a smoldering memory. Obama you are a cowardly girly-boy and you should go fight your own wars if you think they’re so worthwhile.