Former Diplomat Hillary Mann Leverett Schools Blood Thirsty Warmongering Press

The zeal and enthusiasm for war by the mainstream press is absolutely sickening. Watch as former diplomat Hillary Mann Leverett tries to talk sense to clueless journalists that no nothing about the world we live in especially the Middle East.

One thing they didn’t really touch on that I think is incredibly important is what are the consequences of attacking Syria? What will Iran do? What will Russia do? What will China do? What will happen to Israel? What will happen in Lebanon? What will happen to the dollar and the price of oil? Unfortunately these pea-brain warmongers don’t have the mental capacity to even ponder the tragic consequences of their foolish hubris until after the fact. And of course none of these effeminate metro-sexual male journalists and political hacks will do any of the fighting. I’m sure they don’t even know how to shoot a gun.