George Clooney Loves Thuggish Mass Murderers

George Clooney loves Barrack Obama and he wants you to know it. Yes Barrack Obama, the chicken-hawk warmonger that has dropped bombs on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya. Bombs that indiscriminately killed and maimed men, women, and children. Barrack Obama who has continued America’s involvement in the Colombian civil war and decided to get our bankrupt country involved in civil wars in Uganda and South Sudan. Barrack Obama who ordered the assassination of two American citizens in Yemen, no charges, no judge, no jury, no conviction, just a flying silent robot and a hell fire missile, assassinated for the crime of talking tough on the internet. And not only did Obama have these two American tough talkers assassinated, he had the teenage son of one of the victims murdered in the same manner while en route to a BBQ.

Yes that’s right, George Clooney is head over heels for a man that drops bombs on teenagers. He loves the drug warrior president throwing the book at sick medical marijuana patients and engendering even more violence on the border with Mexico. The man that sold assault riffles to Mexican drug cartels with the express and intent purpose of fomenting violence he could then use to call for more gun control. These weapons were of course used in crimes, including murder. Obama the man that orders perverted bureaucrats to sexually grope our genitals when we want to board an airplane. Of course the rich George Clooney likely doesn’t fly on the commercial airliners the rest of us do. Obama, the man that bails out his rich banker buddies at the expense of savers, wage earners, and the struggling poor and middle class of America. The man that has exploded the debt in three short years, ushered in record numbers of food stamp recipients, and caused the level of extreme poverty to reach record highs. The president that has seen the price of gas increase 85% since taking office three short years ago.

Clooney is just gaga for the president that killed the legal principle of Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus. The president that has debuted the use of unmanned surveillance drones against the American people. The president that broke his campaign promise and reauthorized the patriot act. The president who bypassed the Senate and signed onto a treaty that will destroy the internet as we know it. The president who has done more than any others to usher in a catastrophic collapse of the US Dollar. I could continue but I will not. It is clear that these two men are sick individuals who need help.