Greedy Wisconsin Parasites Demand More Of Their Victims Money

For liberals its ok that greedy over-paid bureaucrats demand more money be forcefully extracted from peaceful law abiding citizens. It’s not enough that government employees get paid vastly more than their private sector counterparts. But when entrepreneurs seek profits by satisfying the wants and needs of their uncoerced customers, they are evil greedy capitalist pigs. So lets review. Stealing money from peaceful law abiding citizens is good, and offering a superior good or service and having people willing give you their money is bad. Only a statist would think stealing is ok, and satisfying demands of customers greedy. Hey parasites, why don’t you go get real jobs like the rest of us? Whats the matter, know that you can’t get a real job making anywhere near what you make working for the state? Stop being so greedy, the money is gone, we are in a depression, taxes cannot be raised any further.