Healthy And Uninsured In America

I am healthy and uninsured by choice. Modern medicine is snake oil. One in two Americans has or has had cancer. Where are the results? Now the scamster health insurance companies will have millions of new coerced customers. I will be forced to give my property, my money, to the people that say the Sun is bad for you, fluoride is good, formaldehyde mercury containing vaccines are good, IV bags made out of toxic PVC and Bisphenol-A are good, your health has nothing to do with what you eat, sitting in a hospital under fluorescent lights with no Sun contact is healthy, prozac is good, organic foods are unnecessary, the list goes on. Again, where are the results, if modern medicine is so wonderful, why does 50% of the population suffer from cancer? This new legislation is a massive bailout for the big health insurance providers and pharmaceutical companies, they wrote the stinking bill.

The government does not care about your health, they want you sick and dependent. This is why they put fluoride in the water, push mercury containing vaccines on us, subsidize pasteurized milk, subsidize factory farms, subsidize genetically modified food crops, allow inadequately tested pharmaceuticals on the market, deny us the use of medical marijuana, use the military and population as guinea pigs for their biological and chemical experiments. The very parasites that tell you they care about your health are simultaneously dropping radioactive depleted uranium bombs on the poorest people on Earth polluting their lands for centuries. This is about power and money, not about helping the American people.