Ignorant Bill Maher Equates Voluntary Agreements With Coercive Socialism

The NFL is voluntary, socialism is involuntary, big difference Bill. The NFL doesn’t force anybody to do anything against their will. Socialism forces people to participate whether or not they want to. Don’t want to buy crummy health insurance from a health insurance corporation needing a bailout, than you’ll just have to pay massive fines. Don’t pay the massive fines? Than you’ll be thrown in jail where you’ll be raped. Who has the NFL coerced Bill? I can give you endless examples of who Uncle Sam has coerced… How benevolent do you think Afghans and Pakistanis think the US government is? Bill than goes on to say that football is gay. Lets see you last one minute in an NFL football game Bill, I’m a scared little girly-boy please take care of me government, Maher.