Mainstream Media Talks Down To American People, Equates Certification Of Live Birth With Birth Certificate

Once again the mainstream media is out in full force touting Obama’s Certification of Live Birth as if it were the same thing as a Birth Certificate. This is a strange tale of the mainstream media’s inability to get their story straight and their refusal to engage in the most basic of professional journalist practices. The media continues to insist that the former director of the Hawaii Department of Health has seen the birth certificate and his claim is as good as scientific proof that the document exists. But lets review this glaring contradiction. The media continues to claim the Certification of Live Birth is Obama’s Birth Certificate, all the while saying that the former director of the Department of Health has seen Barry’s Birth Certificate. I thought we had all see Barry’s ‘Birth Certificate?’ How can they seriously expect us to believe the Certification of Live Birth is one in the same with a Birth Certificate when they’re telling us this former Hawaii bureaucrat has allegedly seen some secret document that proves Barry was born in Hawaii? If that’s the case, what document has the former director of the Department of Health seen? And more importantly, if the Certification of Live Birth is the same thing as a birth certificate, where is the doctor’s signature? Who delivered Barry? Who was the assisting nurse? How can they claim a document that is clearly called a “Certification of Live Birth” a Birth Certificate? You don’t even have to speak English to see there is a difference.

The funniest thing about this whole charade has been the media’s pathetic attempt to sweep this story under the rug and in a failed attempt to make it go away. They’ve gone from saying ‘He already released the birth certificate shut up.” To saying “OK he hasn’t actually released a birth certificate but that doesn’t matter so shut up.” Now they’re back at square one pretending like the birth certificate has already been released and anyone asking questions is a crazy lunatic.

If Barry was born in the USA, in Hawaii, who delivered him? What doctor delivered this baby? Where is the doctor’s name and signature? Why has no one stepped forward? Obama’s supporters are the one’s making the claim, the burden of proof is on them. They haven’t proved anything, no birth certificate has been produced. A certification of Live Birth is just an abstract, its not a birth certificate, it does not prove he was born in Hawaii. A birth certificate from Hawaii would prove he was born there, so let’s see it.

Certification of Live Birth vs. Certificate of Live Birth, notice any differences?