MSNBC Slanders Alex Jones In Desperate Attempt To Paint Him & Boston Bombers As Right-Wing Racists

If you can’t out debate your political opponents on the merits of your ideas just call them racist terrorists. That’s what MSNBC and the left enjoys doing and have become proficient at. No evidence or proof necessary on this network, just say whatever you like and you’ll receive your handsome salary from the war profiteering corporatists at GE. Never mind that your idol and hero Barack Obama is giving sophisticated weapons to groups that call themselves Al-Qaeda in Syria. Never mind that they’re filming themselves executing children and are ethnically cleansing Christians and Kurds.

In this lovely video, MSNBC and the Southern Poverty law center outright claim that Alex Jones is a right wing terrorist. Now had they actually spent time listening to his radio program or watching the plethora of documentaries and youtube videos he’s constantly putting out they’d find not a single shred of racist terrorist evidence. Perhaps these MSNBC “journalists” should be asking how much the executives at the SLPC pay themselves. Maybe they should ask how you fight Al-Qaeda by providing them sophisticated weapons? Or how you wage a war on drugs by deliberately selling drug cartels assault rifles? Perhaps Alex Wagner can ask this Pottock fellow why he sounds and asks so effeminate? Is he slandering his political foes as some kind of retroactive way of getting back at the high school bullies that called him a nancy boy? Of course MSNBC won’t ask these questions because they’d rather you didn’t consider them let alone hear the answers.