Obama Wants To Raise Our Taxes Even More

Obama wants more of your money. He didn’t earn it and he’s not asking. The IRS is coming, they have guns, and you’d better pay up if you know what’s best for you. It’s not enough that we pay nearly half of our income in state and federal income taxes. It’s not enough that we pay taxes on every gallon of gasoline we consume. It’s not enough that we have the second highest corporate income tax rate on Earth. Sales Taxes, Death Taxes, Excise Taxes, Capital Gains Taxes, Payroll Taxes, Social Security Taxes, Medicare Taxes, Unemployment Taxes, Property Taxes, Gift Tax, Alcohol Taxes, Cigarette Taxes, the list goes on and on and on.

But let’s not forget the biggest most repressive tax of all, the inflation tax. The government has exploded the supply of US Dollars and this has led to a rapid increase in the price of food, energy, raw materials, gold, silver, oil, etc. The price of just about everything is going up. Commodities are hitting record highs nearly every week. More Dollars are chasing the same finite amount of goods and services, prices have nowhere to go but up. While prices are going up, wages are staying flat or even declining. Translation – we are being ripped off. This is an attack on our standard of living our prosperity, our savings, and our wages. The very politicians that say they are working for the poor and middle classes, are literally the one’s destroying them. Paper money is fraud, it’s counterfeit, it’s a hidden tax on wages and savings, it is criminal. Taxation in all of it’s forms is extortion.