Peak Oil Hoax Debunked

Peak Oil theory was contrived by Shell Oil to give the market the perception that oil was scarce which in turn would lead to market participants bidding up the price of oil based on the false belief that the world was running out of it. For over a century, people have been claiming that the world is running out of oil and the production has reached it’s peak output. But of course this has still yet to happen, and quite the contrary more oil discoveries continue to occur. According to Lindsey Williams, one of only two people on Earth to publicly predict the collapse in the price of oil in 2008, there’s enough oil in Alaska alone to power America for 100 years. There’s oil in Texas, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Pennsylvania, Alaska, The Gulf of Mexico, Russia, Indonesia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, etc etc etc. There’s oil everywhere, there is no shortage, far from it. There is an oil derrick right next to Beverly Hills High School and it is still pumping to this day! Peak oil is a fraud, a hoax, a clever ploy by Shell Oil Corporation, the same people that promulgate scientific quackery like anthropogenic global warming.
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