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Europe’s Chickens Come Home To Roost As Islamic Terrorists Murder 16 Innocent Civilians In France

Muslim terrorists storm offices of French Satirical publication and kill renowned satirists in attempt to stifle freedom of speech. Liberals label Charlie Hebdo as “white racists” and blame them for their own murder. After all, they deliberately offended Muslims so therefore their death is not a tragedy. Oh, and the attackers aren’t “real Muslims.” Also, let’s pretend the third gunman didn’t kill four Jewish hostages inside a kosher grocery store. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance they tell us, it must be true. We must change our way of life so we do not offend the people who chose to move to our country. We cannot admit Islam is incompatible with Western society. It is better to be intimidated, silenced, and killed than to hurt the feelings of religious extremists.