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Obama’s State Department Bemoans Syria’s Liberation Of Palmyra

State Department spokesperson suggests Syria and Russia should let ISIS retain control of Syria’s ancient city of Palmyra. If Obama’s strategy is to contain and degrade, or rather his new strategy is to destroy ISIS. Why would he take issue with ISIS losing more territory?

Insanity! Congress Demands President Obama Provide “Military Assistance” To Ukraine

In spite of the Minsk2 ceasefire largely holding and work on a political solution having already commenced, Congressman Elliot Engel rushed a bill through the House Monday night “Calling on the President to provide Ukraine with military assistance to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.” The bill skipped committee and went straight to the floor for a vote. So rushed was the bill that the bill number conflicts with a preexisting bill from early January. The vote passed 348 – 48.

As this bill awaits a Senate vote we should ask ourselves what good will arming Ukraine do? What will this bill accomplish and what specifically does it mean? What exactly does “defending [Ukraine]’s sovereignty and territorial integrity” look like? Does it mean launching a new offensive to recapture Donetsk and Lugansk? How did the last two go? Is Congress urging Kiev to launch a full-blown military assault against Crimea, ie Russia? What happens if this bill passes and Russia begins providing the rebels with the latest military equipment of the Russian forces? What if in response to arming Ukraine Russia invades and secures the entire Donbass? What then? How will the US react? How will NATO react? How will the situation be de-escalated from there? How will a war between the US and Russia be averted? And how will a war between the US and Russia not inevitably result in the nuclear annihilation of our planetary habitat?

The best solution to this crisis is a political solution. The American people have no appetite for a war with Russia and are for the most part completely unaware of the dire state of US-Russian relations and the risk of WWIII. Our legislators are insane and shameful to risk WWIII for the sake of backing up a corrupt Eastern European government that initiated a military operation against it’s own population.