Trump Sends Investigators To Look For Obama’s Non-Existent Hawaiian Birth Certificate

Just like when tough talking Neil Abercrombie went looking for Barry’s birth certificate, Trump’s investigators are going to come out empty handed. There is no Barrack Obama Hawaiian birth certificate. He wasn’t born there, he’s lying to us. Barrack Obama is hoaxing the American people, he’s committing fraud. He’s spent millions of dollars over the last three years fighting to not release his birth certificate. If he had one he would have released it immediately and saved himself all the money, hassle, and controversy this issue has created. The Hawaii state lawmakers that worship this guy couldn’t even release some ‘birth records’ like they promised they would. Neil Abercrombie could only find a ‘birth notation,’ and even ultra-statists like Chris Mathews are calling for Obama to just release the birth certificate. He does not have a Hawaiian long form birth certificate, period. Barrack Obama does not meet the most basic of requirements to be president of the US federal empire. Every law he has signed is therefore null and void. Time to step down Barry, maybe you can go into exile in Benghazi.