US Government Coward Calls Another Coward Coward

“His recent remarks show him for the coward that he is,” said Jay Carney, White House press secretary. “He hides out of sight, encouraging the heavily armed Syria military to continue slaughtering civilians in his name.”

Isn’t that rich.  The chicken-hawk bureaucrat that propagandizes for the wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia calls another chicken-hawk a coward.  Well I guess it takes one to know one.

Let’s see what Wikipedia has to say about Jay Carney.  Well look at that, a relatively young guy, only 46 years old.  So has tough guy Jay Carney ever been in the military himself?  No, no he has not, he’s been a journalist ever since he finished attending Yale.  Too young to have been in Vietnam to be sure, but why didn’t tough guy Carney join the military and serve in Lebanon, Panama, Grenada, Iraq, or Somali?  Like all war mongering statists he’s a chicken-hawk coward too scared to put his money where his mouth is.  Just another limp-wristed effeminate central planner that wants to control your life and your business but is of course too scared to be the enforcer.